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"Learn to Hustle with Swag: NY Latin Hustle Dance Workshop
with Maria Torres"

Workshop Description:
Join us for an exciting dance workshop focused on the energetic and stylish NY Latin Hustle, led by renowned choreographer Maria Torres. Whether you're an intermediate dancer looking to elevate your skills or an advanced dancer seeking to refine your technique, this workshop is designed to take your Latin Hustle moves to the next level. Get ready to groove, learn new combinations, and add that special "swag" to your dance!

Workshop Details:
Dance Style: NY Latin Hustle
Instructor: Maria Torres
Level: Intermediate and up (prior dance experience recommended)

Fundamentals of NY Latin Hustle: Learn the basic steps, footwork, and techniques that form the foundation of this energetic dance style.
Styling and Musicality: Explore different ways to add your unique style and personality to your dance while staying in sync with the music.
Intermediate Combinations: Learn exciting combinations and patterns that will challenge and expand your repertoire.
Partner Work: Discover the art of partner connection, lead and follow techniques, and how to create a seamless dance experience with your partner.
Performance Tips: Gain insights into performance techniques, stage presence, and how to captivate your audience with confidence.
Participants are required to wear comfortable dance attire and appropriate dance shoes


About Maria Torres:
Maria Torres is a world-renowned dancer, choreographer, and instructor with extensive experience in various dance styles, including Latin Hustle. She has worked with renowned artists, performed on prestigious stages, and has a strong passion for sharing her expertise with aspiring dancers. Maria's unique teaching style emphasizes musicality, technique, and the importance of developing individual style.

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